STL Public Radio Feature:  Hazard members Ryan Stewart and Patrick Alexander discuss writing music, perfecting the band's sound, and recording their Tiny Desk Concert contest video.

"Besides having one of the great band names in the Midwest, Hazard to Ya Booty is among the creme de la creme of the St. Louis scene. The band plays an old-school brand of funk and isn’t afraid to put a little stank on it. Great grooves, seductive wah guitars and gleeful call-and-response vocals drive its sound."  --Aarik Danielsen, Columbia Daily Tribune

"Hazard to Ya Booty is a longtime mainstay of the St. Louis funk scene.  Since the early 2000s, the band has been cooking up a genre it calls "crunch funk." In other words, it don't mean shit if it ain't got that grit. Led by charismatic belter Ryan Stewart, the band always lets the horns punch, the guitars slink and the rhythms ride through the straight-ahead funk of James Brown, the gnarlier jams of George Clinton and the hard grooves of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. But Hazard to Ya Booty isn't a funk-rock cover band. The group's originals have authority and hooks that grow stronger with every sweaty set."  --Roy Kasten, Riverfront Times/2016 RFT Music Awards

"St. Louis funk band Hazard to Ya Booty knows that on those days when things just ain’t going right, sometimes there’s only one thing you can do: You’ve got to move. And the seven-piece group, which serves as the house band for local comedy talk show STL Up Late, can help with that. Deliciously tight horn hits and a couple oh-so-satisfying key modulations, a la “Love On Top,” are the icing on a boogie-inducing groove. You almost wonder how actor and fellow St. Louis native Scott Bakula, framed atop the STL Up Late desk, can manage to hold still." --Rachel Horn, NPR Music/Tiny Desk Contest

"The name of the song is "Movers and Shakers." The name of the band is Hazard to Ya Booty. If those two hints aren't enough to get you to leap from your seat and boogie down, this groove should seal the deal. It's clear that the seven-piece St. Louis band, which also serves as the house band for local late-night comedy show STL Up Late, doesn't take itself too seriously. But lead singer Ryan Stewart and bassist Pat Alexander's mock-talk-show opening and goofy dance moves belie an old-school soul beat that's definitely no joke. Hear Stewart and Alexander talk about making the video for St. Louis Public Radio." --Rachel Horn, NPR Music/Tiny Desk Contest

"Hazard to Ya Booty is St. Louis’ best party band.  Even the most cynical among us can’t help but shake the body part they warn you about in the band’s name.  The groove they provide is hard and it doesn’t stop."  --Hugh Scott, Eleven Music Magazine